PowerShell WMI – Get Disk Information

Hi guys, Here is a small function I wrote to gather basic informations arround the Hard Drive linked to the targeted computer. Function Get-DiskInfo { <# .SYNOPSIS Describe purpose of “Get-DiskInfo” in 1-2 sentences. .PARAMETER ComputerName The computer name or IP of targeted computer. .PARAMETER OSVersion The OS Version of Target Computer. .NOTES Author: Thomas […]

PowerShell – Query domain name WhoIs

Hi Guys, I found, after couple of weeks looking for it, a cool API WebSite that provide an API to query WhoIs : webservicex.net. Once I found out this site I started writing this little PowerShell function to help me serialize all my future actions with this little guy. Here is the function I wrote […]

PowerShell – Extend Get-Date with First and Last Day of the Week

Hi Guys, For script purpose I needed to have the information of the First and Last Day of the Week quickly and easily. I already added the old, but great, solution provided by the Scripting Guy to get the week number out of the Get-ExtendedDate function using: [ps]Get-Date -Date ’06/26/2017′ -UFormat %V[/ps] So I took […]

PowerShell – Mapping function for Office 365 ServicePlans to ServicePlansId

Hi guys, If you are starting to work with the new Office 365 PowerShell module to manage users you might have found a disturbing change in the license affectation process. The DisabledPlans option, it is no more using the ServicePlan name but the ServicePlanId Guid. From an administrator point of view, this change is a […]