PowerShell – Extend Get-Date with First and Last Day of the Week

Hi Guys, For script purpose I needed to have the information of the First and Last Day of the Week quickly and easily. I already added the old, but great, solution provided by the Scripting Guy to get the week number out of the Get-ExtendedDate function using: [ps]Get-Date -Date ’06/26/2017′ -UFormat %V[/ps] So I took […]

PowerShell WMI – Matching Function – OSLanguage codes

Hi guys, When you are querying WMI objects to find Operating System information you while face the OS Language codes. Those interger match with supported installation languages for Operating System. The list of interger and matching value is available on a MSDN Web page. I then write a PowerShell function to make the matching of […]

PowerShell WMI – Querying Operating System informations

Hi Guys, Here is a small function I wrote to gather the Operating System basic informations. [ps]Function Get-OSInfo { <# .SYNOPSIS Query WMI of the computer to provide basic OS Information. .PARAMETER ComputerName The computer name or IP of targeted computer. .NOTES Author: Thomas Prud’homme (Twitter: @prudhommewtf). .LINK https://blog.prudhomme.wtf/powershell-wmi-querying-operating-system-informations #> [CmdletBinding()] Param( [String]$ComputerName = $env:COMPUTERNAME […]