PowerShell – Mapping function for Office 365 ServicePlans to ServicePlansId

Hi guys, If you are starting to work with the new Office 365 PowerShell module to manage users you might have found a disturbing change in the license affectation process. The DisabledPlans option, it is no more using the ServicePlan name but the ServicePlanId Guid. From an administrator point of view, this change is a […]

Setup Azure Let’s Encrypt for your Azure App Website

Hi Guys, Last but not least post, on the Azure Let’s Encrypt setup. On previous posts we found out how to setup the Azure AD applications and permissions and how to install the Let’s Encrypt extension in an Azure App Website. We now needs to finish the Azure Let’s Encrypt setup to provide and install […]

Creating an Azure Active Directory application for Let’s Encrypt in Azure App

Hello guys, I recently found out, thanks to my buddy Emmanuel, that Google held some references to my blog posts over HTTPS. But, prior to 12/20/2016 where I get noticed of the issue, the blog was not using HTTPS at all. The displayed certificat was the one fromAzure Websites, as my blog is an Azure […]